Conversation Analysis ("CA“) is the study of social interaction. Problems associated with hearing loss, such as miscommunication, passing strategies, stigma, and withdrawal occur in social interaction, and problems with hearing technology also occur in interaction, such as finding the appropriate aid, fitting it and learning how to use it. Once the fitting process is complete, users of hearing aids and their communication partners need to manage situations when they experience difficulties with the device operation during conversation.  Подробная информация Washing Machine Repair тут.

We know these problems exist from interview and survey studies, yet we know little about how exactly such situations develop in spontaneous face-to-face communication or on the telephone. In order to address this need, we video- or audio-tape naturally occurring interaction in private settings, at the workplace and in health care encounters in order to find out how the communication partners handle hearing loss and hearing technologies. An important goal of this research is to understand these problems (in collaboration with hearing impaired and audiologists) and to innovate towards solutions (in collaboration with designers).